CavFest 2011

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About CavFest...


Cavendish PTA aims to support the learning of each and every child at Cavendish Community Primary School.


In our view learning is about more than the 3 Rs; much, much more!


At Cavendish Primary School, every child can access a wide range of artistic activities. For example, all our pupils are able to learn two musical instruments. But our commitment to the arts doesn’t begin and end with recorder or violin tuition. We firmly believe that the arts can enrich a child’s experience of education - building skills that last a lifetime.


Could be guitar lessons that rock a child’s world. Or it might be pottery. Whatever it is that ignites a child’s passion & creativity - we want to help them find it. Frequently, this costs money that we simply don’t have.


So, a couple of years ago our school Site Manager, former Fall guitarist Steve Hanley had the idea to host a family-friendly music festival to raise money to buy musical instruments for kids at school and CavFest was born!


CavFest 2011 raised over £9000, and every penny was put to use in school to support music and the arts. We bought a class set of classical guitars, enabling every child in Y5 to learn to play. This means that our children have 2 full years of fully funded instrumental tuition in Key Stage 2.


We also purchased a class set of glockenspiels and new samba drums, all enhancing the musical provision in school. CavFest bought and installed a new kiln, costing almost £4000. We are one of the few primary schools in Manchester with the facility to teach pottery, and thanks to CavFest we can continue to do so.


CavFest 2013 will be another family-friendly and exciting event and we look forward to working with our local community and with musical artists to make it even bigger and better than CavFest 2011.